A musician with multiple horizons, Sébastien Deshaies finds himself at a crossroads by approaching, in his own right, the classical guitar as well as the traditional Quebec violin. It is on these two instruments that he expresses himself with so much passion and rigor. A versatile artist with a personal musical playing and very well asserted, SébastienDeshaies is certainly an instrumentalist to discover…. 


  • “… a convincing demonstration of his mastery of the capricious instrument with an impressive technique … the technical quality of his playing marked by a certain virtuosity but at the service of a very musical interpretation. Without being stupidly chauvinistic, we can say that Sébastien Deshaies is a tribute to his part of the country. ” 
  •  François Houde (Arts and Culture Section, “Le Nouvelliste” Journal, April 2014) 
  • “Sébastien Deshaies’s guitar was in the spotlight, between Hétu and Rodrigo” 
  • Marie-Josée Montminy (Arts and Culture Section, Journal “Le Nouvelliste”, November 2011)
  •  “A true guitar prodigy, Sébastien Deshaies impresses as much by the ardor and refinement of his playing as by the precision of his technique.” 
  • Marie-Claude Giguère (Publi-reportage, “Le Nouvelliste” newspaper, May 2004)
  •  “… An accomplished guitarist … brilliant …” 
  • Per-Olov Kindgren (Classical guitarist & composer / Classical guitarist & composer, Sweden / Sweden, August / August 2008) “
  • … clear definition of voices … great objectivity of touch … very precise …” 
  • Marcos Vinicius (Classical guitarist & composer / Classical guitarist & composer, Italy / Italy, May / May 2008) 
  • “With his nimble fingers he struck the public imagination.” 
  • Richard Biron (Arts and Culture Section, Journal “Le Nouvelliste”, September 2003)

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